Watches As Jewelry Can Make A Fashion Statement

While watches serve a practical purpose, that’s not the only thing they do. Almost ever since the first watches were made, their potential as a form of jewelry has been recognized. The first spring-powered watches of the sixteenth century were made from precious metals. While most watches were the pocket variety until the twentieth century, they were still regarded as an attractive form of personal adornment. Engraved watches, gold ones, and even jeweled watches were made. Now, wearing a watch as a form of jewelry continues. It’s possible to find models in every aesthetic, offering many different features. In short, watches can make a fashion statement.

A Little History

The first watches were created in the mid-sixteenth century. Henry VIII of England is thought to have had a “pocket clock” worn on a chain around the neck. These timepieces weren’t very accurate, and only had an hour hand. A minute hand wouldn’t have been useful. Watches continued to become more accurate and more ornate over time. However, they were mostly pocket watches. Only women wore wristwatches, which were considered to be too delicate, and less accurate than a man’s watch. These bracelet watches have been around since the beginning of the nineteenth century, and were just as ornate as ordinary bracelets. The original wristwatch was almost always a form of jewelry, being made of precious materials and worn on ribbons or delicate chains. An extravagant model was made in ornate gold, enamel, and diamonds for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary in 1868.

During the First World War, men began to realize that wearing a watch on your wrist was more convenient than carrying it. Wristwatches for both sexes became popular, especially as miniaturization techniques became more advanced. While many watches were utilitarian, plenty were still made from gold and silver, and featured beautiful engravings and other decoration. There are several companies, like Breitling, Rolex, and Omega which still make high end watches that might be considered a type of jewelry.

Look For Quality As Well As Style

When choosing a watch to wear as jewelry, all the usual requirements apply. In addition, you should look for aesthetic qualities that please you. However, don’t let looks win you over to a watch that’s not good quality in terms of movement and accuracy. While wristwatches are the most popular form of jewelry watches, there are others, too. You can find watch pendants and even rings. Wearing a wristwatch as jewelry is a long standing practice, and there are plenty of gorgeous options. The next time you’re thinking about buying a new bracelet, why not make it one with a watch?