The Future of Chinese Silver Jewellery to Introduce Traditional Techniques of Jewelry

Chinese jewelry uses traditional techniques of handcrafting in its collections. China has developed and gone a long way in all types of jewelry that now there are many homegrown brands of china that are the choice of consumers. The Chinese silver jewelry is not revolving around only the traditional Chinese handcrafting designs and techniques; instead they are giving importance to modern designs such that they incorporate the Chinese handicrafts in them. This strategy has helped the Chinese silver jewelry have a special market demand.

The traditional Chinese silver jewelry trends present a lot of history into their designs and there may be more in the future years:

Beijing Enamel

This is referred to as silver enamel and is a process employed only in making Chinese silver jewelry. This is made especially in north china and this was a technology of the Qing Dynasty. Now the modern artists have managed to introduce this enamel process and are using it in interesting and new ways.

Filigree Inlaying

This belongs to the Shang Dynasty and gained utmost popularity during that period. This was a traditional Yanjing handicraft during the Ming and Qing Dynasties and even now there are craftsmen working in filigree inlaying. However, the Chinese always are focused in preserving their tradition and is expected that this Chinese silver jewelry trend will soon this traditional craft flourishing in the future soon.


This is also Chinese traditional crafts referred as the copper wire enamel. The production techniques of this style took its shape in the Ming Dynasty’s period and it incorporated the glaze of blue enamel and was referred as Jingtai blue in Chinese. Cloisonne was mostly seen in the emperor’s courts and now it is seen in the modern designs of silver jewelry frequently.

Gold and Silver Threading

The threading of gold and silver was used in the bronze vessels decoration in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties. This process is not very simple and there are some artisans who are skilled in this craftsmanship. It is anticipated that this form will be restored to life soon in the near future.

Kingfisher Feather Ornamentation

This ornamentation of kingfisher feather was also in the Qing Dynasty and gained prominence in the Qianlong period. The gold and silver jewelry traditional process had this process of kingfisher feather ornamentation, but owing to its complexity and environmental strict protection, this technique of jewelry making is lost. However, it is anticipated that this silver jewelry technique will have a comeback in the future.


This is a form of art that is around as filigree inlaying. It has been around and is gaining popularity now among the new generations. The engraving techniques are completely different and the techniques employed to bring out colorful patterns using silver and gold in the fairies, chrysanthemums, dragons, phoenixes and unicorns have created a special place in the jewelry designs as they represent traditional Chinese style.