Simple Tips to Distinguish Authentic Jewelry

There is a special charm in the authentic jewelry even in this fashion era. Of course many people prefer the trendy, affordable and fashion pieces. Though the low cost of the costume jewelry gives an option to add more and more number of pieces to one’s collection, but authentic jewelry gives an elegant look to a woman’s personality.

Women love to look different than their peers. Imagine the envious look of your friends when you arrive at a theme party wearing an authentic hand made Native American Jewelry! What`s more, these set of authentic pieces will match with any kind of clothes.

Some famous brands of authentic jewelry are the Native American art jewelry, authentic Hawaiian, authentic Irish and Celtic. The handmade jewelry by the Native American artisans is really exquisite. Authentic original Hawaiian such as a gorgeous plumeria ring makes a great gift for birthdays, and anniversaries.

Many women also prefer the traditional Irish Jewelry. There is a common confusion about the Irish and Celtic pieces in the market. Many selling websites refer Celtic jewelry as Irish which is not true. Celtic jewelry pieces are actually one of the oldest forms of Irish pieces.

The growing fascination towards authentic jewelry has created an opportunity for many stores and websites to sell fake authentic pieces. Using cheap materials and labor, countries like the Philippines and China produce fake authentic jewelry and sell them at very low cost.

They look so alike that at times it’s hard to distinguish the fake one from that of genuine authentic ones. If you are buying from regular store or on-line site, there is chance of getting duped. However there are a few tips which help you identify the real authentic jewelry.

Watch out for the materials:

Check the material of the authentic jewelry pieces. If it’s a silver one, it should be marked sterling or .925 and if gold, it should be marked 14k, 18k, or gold-filled. As of the stone material, check out if it is natural, treated or stabilized. A genuine seller will sure to answer your queries. Also make sure to include a written disclosure to the raw components of your purchase on your receipt while buying.

Hand made or hand crafted:

The price of these authentic pieces depends upon their design process. Hand made ones are generally higher in price as the whole assembling of raw materials, design and crafting are usually done hand-made by skilled artisans. In hand crafted, only the crafting part is done by skillful designers.

Stamping, die cutting, casing, and other mechanical means are made easier in case of machine made. Hence, make sure to inquire about the form of authentic ones before buying them.

Obtain a receipt or certificate of authenticity:

If you are really interested to have some genuine authentic jewelry into your collection, don’t fall for the pretty bauble of low price. By buying original authentic pieces, you will in a way help the local skilled artisans in getting their commission. Yes, you can ask for some discount from the shop where you purchase your authentic jewels. But make sure your receipt includes the following things.

* The original price of it and discount, if any.

* Specific description of it which includes the materials, type of stones used (natural, stabilized or imitation).

* Tribal affiliation of the local jewelry artisan.

Now many reputed stores also sell authentic jewelry. One prominent name among them is Tiffany & Co. Known for their unsurpassed reputation and quality, authentic Tiffany silver jewelry is the latest craze among modern women these days.