How to Make Jewelry From “Ordinary” Treasures

Almost every girl in town has a box of shiny buttons from Grandma’s sewing chest, colorful beads, dominoes, checkers, or mahjong pieces she got from flea markets. Maybe she has partial board games, such as checkers and scrabble, or old colorful playing cards tucked away somewhere.

Gather your treasures together and start making colorful jewelries. Buy long elastic where you can string the pieces together. Make colorful combinations of your treasure. Strap those buttons on a piece of elastic that you bought. You can create an eye-catching bangle bracelets or creative necklaces.

Glue dominoes, checkers, and scrabble pieces together to make earrings. Whatever your material is, mount your artwork into one-of-a-kind jewelry and reinvent.

In addition to having fun putting your treasures together, these are good ideas for gifts for friends and families. Imagine giving out your treasured “heirloom” materials to them. And what do you know? They might send you their extra buttons and collectibles.

Not only you can make these jewelries as gifts, but you can also sell these jewelries and start your very own home jewelry business. Build your inventory and start with a minimal investment for supplies. The season for selling jewelry is year-round because these can make wonderful birthday and Christmas gifts, as well as casual accessories.

In addition to that, men, women, and children can wear these buttons, dominoes, and checker pins and earrings, so the sky is the limit for profit. To learn how to start making money from handmade jewelries, watch out for the next article.