6 Stylish Types of Bracelets

Bracelets are a simple and stylish way to accessorize any type of outfit. They can range from the multiple charms and bangles for the casual look or a single piece to give the elegant look. Here are a few of the most popular types of bracelets:


The bangle bracelet is made in a variety of non-precious and precious materials, such as plastic, glass, wood, glass and silver. It is shaped circular and is solid with no flexibility. Bangles are a great option to dress up the ethnic or exotic dress and they look great when a set of bangles is limited to a single color. Also, they are great for the everyday, casual look, but best limited to a few in neutral colors. The original bangles were worn as a traditional piece by women in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India.


The cuff bracelet is quite thick and wide in style and looks great in gold or silver for women, while men can also wear this item in a leather material. This type of bracelet doesn’t fully close and has a slight gap, but still feels very secure when worn. If planning to wear the cuff bracelet it is best to limit the other jewelry worn because it can take away the distinctive look of this edgy piece of arm jewelry.


The link bracelet is created by connecting multiple pieces of a similar type of jewelry. The linked pieces can range from the elaborately crafted parts made of valuable metals or a more simple chain link style. This bracelet is great for the practical, subtle look and can easily work with most types of outfits.


The tennis bracelet is a very attractive piece of jewelry and is typically made with diamonds in a symmetrical pattern. This stylish piece is also called a diamond line bracelet. It is very versatile and can easily go with a fancy, dinner outfit to the more relaxed sporty ensemble.


The charm bracket starts as a simple gold or silver chain that has individual charms or pendants added. This particular item of jewelry was traditionally worn for protection or good luck. The charms added to the chain can be chosen by the wearer and often include quirky or cute attachments, or even something of personal significance.


The chain bracelet is a simple style with linked metal loops that make up the entire piece of jewelry. It is a practical piece of jewelry for both men and women, and can range from the thin and elegant pieces to the big and chunky.

Things To Be Kept In Mind While Selecting Stainless Steel Rings

Steel is such an excellent alternative to many other metals. Who would have thought there would be a day when there will be beautiful rings made of stainless steel. However, the reality is that they are making a significant mark in the market because of the unusual properties it possesses.

The uniqueness lies in the durability and many other factors that help to make it the most desirable material in the present times. The undeniable safety and strength help in the creation of fine jewelry. Therefore, if it is a ring made of steel that you want to own, then these are the following parameters on which you should choose them.


People who are engaged in activities all the time and have a mobile lifestyle refrain from wearing jewelry that may get damaged. However, the Stainless Steel Rings are so strong that they can be worn throughout the day. The strength of the steel is such that they cannot be welded once designed in a way.

On the MOH scale, it scores a whopping six that proves that is incredibly strong. This grade of the steel used for piercings in the body and medical implants. It holds up with time and is very light. You must always select rings by hardness.

Durable and Scratch-resistant

The durability of the Stainless Steel Rings comes from the fact that they do not corrode. They are completely scratch-resistant and never rust. The major factor that they do not decay or undergo corrosion over time is what makes them extremely desirable. They are also resistant to any scratches or stains.

They are sturdy enough, unlike other metals that corrode and stain easily. This is the main reason as to why the majority prefers them. It is entirely worth the money you are spending. The maintenance is very low when it comes to these rings because you do not have to bother about them being scratched or tainted.


The one thing that you always look for when buying rings is the way it looks. The rings look elegant a look that is muted matte. It also has a silvery gray finish that replicates a 14 K sterling silver and white gold. The rings are so beautiful that you tell whether they are made of real gold or platinum. The quality and look are much more of a high-end jewelry that is so affordable besides being beautiful. They are available in gold plated and rose gold variants too.


You must check for alloys before purchasing because rings are made of various alloys of metals. There are many alloys of metals that are added like molybdenum, chromium and even nickel.

However, when you want to purchase those beautiful rings, you must keep in mind an important thing. The thing is that you must not refrain from buying those steel rings that have nickel as an alloy in them. The presence of nickel renders the rings to e non-hypoallergenic and hence may cause skin allergies and rashes. In the absence of nickel, they are perfectly hypoallergenic.

Cost and Environmental Matters

When you are planning to buy a ring you always look for something affordable yet fashionable. The rings made of this steel are very pocket-friendly and have some great designs that can you bowl you over. One of the things that also appeal to many people is the availability of the metal. The steel is ubiquitous hence availability is widespread, and you do not have to hunt for rings made of steel. They are cheaper and dearer because it is abundant.

The jewelry Aficionado

Regarding contemporary jewelry stainless steel is one of the metals that are mostly worn by men. Men are not stumbling straight into something that is overly expensive. Instead, they are choosing something that is highly durable and can withstand everyday obstacles, wear and tear.

You can be unabashed jewelry aficionado or someone who wants to buy plain rings there are some jaw-dropping designs spread all over the internet. You can make your choice from the tonnes of amazing designs that can give tough competition to other metal rings. Therefore why wait, browse through the online portals and choose something for your fingers.

The Future of Chinese Silver Jewellery to Introduce Traditional Techniques of Jewelry

Chinese jewelry uses traditional techniques of handcrafting in its collections. China has developed and gone a long way in all types of jewelry that now there are many homegrown brands of china that are the choice of consumers. The Chinese silver jewelry is not revolving around only the traditional Chinese handcrafting designs and techniques; instead they are giving importance to modern designs such that they incorporate the Chinese handicrafts in them. This strategy has helped the Chinese silver jewelry have a special market demand.

The traditional Chinese silver jewelry trends present a lot of history into their designs and there may be more in the future years:

Beijing Enamel

This is referred to as silver enamel and is a process employed only in making Chinese silver jewelry. This is made especially in north china and this was a technology of the Qing Dynasty. Now the modern artists have managed to introduce this enamel process and are using it in interesting and new ways.

Filigree Inlaying

This belongs to the Shang Dynasty and gained utmost popularity during that period. This was a traditional Yanjing handicraft during the Ming and Qing Dynasties and even now there are craftsmen working in filigree inlaying. However, the Chinese always are focused in preserving their tradition and is expected that this Chinese silver jewelry trend will soon this traditional craft flourishing in the future soon.


This is also Chinese traditional crafts referred as the copper wire enamel. The production techniques of this style took its shape in the Ming Dynasty’s period and it incorporated the glaze of blue enamel and was referred as Jingtai blue in Chinese. Cloisonne was mostly seen in the emperor’s courts and now it is seen in the modern designs of silver jewelry frequently.

Gold and Silver Threading

The threading of gold and silver was used in the bronze vessels decoration in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties. This process is not very simple and there are some artisans who are skilled in this craftsmanship. It is anticipated that this form will be restored to life soon in the near future.

Kingfisher Feather Ornamentation

This ornamentation of kingfisher feather was also in the Qing Dynasty and gained prominence in the Qianlong period. The gold and silver jewelry traditional process had this process of kingfisher feather ornamentation, but owing to its complexity and environmental strict protection, this technique of jewelry making is lost. However, it is anticipated that this silver jewelry technique will have a comeback in the future.


This is a form of art that is around as filigree inlaying. It has been around and is gaining popularity now among the new generations. The engraving techniques are completely different and the techniques employed to bring out colorful patterns using silver and gold in the fairies, chrysanthemums, dragons, phoenixes and unicorns have created a special place in the jewelry designs as they represent traditional Chinese style.

Chinese Silver Jewelry Trends Express an Inimitable Style

China, in the past 3 decades has transformed into the most developed cities economically and this is apparent from the countless progress it has been doing along the way. One such is the silver jewelry market that deals with manufacturing and also trading. This is also with diamonds and gold. In fact, 24 carat pure gold is in high demand as Chinese favor pure gold.

The beauty is in the fact that Chinese silver jewelry trend gives more respect to the designs and present a strong emphasis of their culture. The designs, color, size and shape are taken as a combination reflecting their culture, while the designs reflect the concepts of contemporary and traditional, taking in techniques of mechanical design and it also dazzles a storyline connecting each piece.

The silver jewelry trend is high as it is affordable than other precious metals and gems. The jewelry offers a periodic transformation and often it relates to the latest designs and fashion trends. There are common interests shared such that it reflects heritage in each piece and appear identical. The jewelry such as earrings have designs that are snake inspired. In fact, peacock also has a very special place in Chinese silver jewelry. The bangles and earring are inspired and buyers can choose topaz, sapphire or diamond to set in the feathers of the peacock. The jewelry that comes as a set is so beautiful with diamonds that it can also be worn separately.

Silver jewelry or any other jewelry for that matter in china has themes to inspire people or is an inspiration from some movie, architecture or ancient fairy tale. The jewelry sets are based on Chinese fairy tales revealing the characters of honesty, mercy, boldness and greed. Jade is also highly preferred in silver jewelry in china as it symbolizes elegance.

The talents and interests of jewelry designers are such that there is an extensive range of collection. You can get designs from mid-range to high-end and also for regular use from the commercial markets to suit all the market levels. The butterfly pendant is popular as ever among the young adults and teenagers alike. Women adorn their hair with butterfly hairpin and this also is the symbol of love loyalty. The craftsmanship is so apt that the butterfly dangling is easy to detach and to be worn as pendant.

Generally, most Chinese silver jewelry designs relate to nature or traditional Chinese paintings. There are lots of patterns and colors, reminding buyers of a painting, a scene or some poem. Fish is also an integral part of Chinese jewelry design trend. The Chinese jewelry designers give utmost importance to the carving that these precious metals and their craftsmanship express an inimitable style.

Chinese silver jewelry in the recent decades is showing rapid growth in the jewelry market. They also have gained international prominence. The craftsmanship is time-honored and even the luxury market find the Chinese jewelry trend to be unique and even independent designers are coming with high-end design services beholding their valued traditions.

Chinese Silver Jewelry Incorporates the Chinese Soul in Its Jewelry

Jewelry designs are the catch element and these designs are the main that distinguishes one jewelry design from another. The real success is judged by the design quality, its character, craftsmanship and lastly the material value. China has valued its craftsmanship and has put them into jewelry designs that it is now seeing a tremendous growth in the recent decades.

There is a rapid growth in consumer market stirring the demand for Chinese silver jewelry designs as their craftsmanship skills and concepts of designs are unique. Especially, the designers from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China bring out the Chinese soul and present their cultural identity in creating jewelry.

Chinese silver jewelry looks amazing and this includes the hair dangling ornaments to splendid crowns with pendants in jade. Jewelry for Chinese is always a prized adornment and the jewelry design masters apply innovations and do not leave any stone unturned to develop special skills in jewelry making.

The Chinese silver jewelry received an upswing, but the markets appeared saturated with low quality products that seemed identical. There was innovation lacking and then the Chinese artists began to bring ahead their traditional designs representing their beliefs and culture. Today, not only Chinese silver jewelry, but also the white gold in 18k ornaments has fancied people and they love accenting their ornaments with stones.

The attractiveness and beauty of Chinese silver jewelry creating trend is that the cultural inheritances are transferred genetically. The soul is in each jewelry piece and that distinguishes Chinese jewelry from others. There are distinct traditions and these are incorporated naturally into jewelry making as traditional elements. These also interpret perfectly their meaning as most jewelry pieces carry spiritual message.

The locket rings made initially were small in size and they belonged only to the elites. These lockets had fragrance representing the virtue of the wearer. However, now the new Chinese silver jewelry come minus the fragrance, but have designs of lockets and flowers that are the Chinese culture traditional symbols.

Today, china market is the second-largest in the silver jewelry and is projected by 2020 to be the largest, following the United States. Chinese jewelry market is expanding fast and they are coming with jewelry innovative designs. The recent Chinese silver jewelry trend is about incorporating phoenix, dragons and Chinese different characters. Apart from this their craftsmanship offers a cutting competition. In fact, even the Western designers adapt Chinese traditional symbols, but keep it as a design and do not involve with making it meaningful.

Chinese jewelry trend also make their jewelry distinct by mixing cultural designs. The native traditions are fused with common themes and the designs are made trendy. Even today, the lock pendant in china has not lost its charm and with the evolvement of craftsmanship it has become a decorative motif. Yet, it is valued to represent longevity and good health. The new jewelry trend of Chinese comes with lattice patterns adding variety to the ring, bringing out the elegance of craftsmanship and design that anyone would love to own.