Ways to Look Amazing in Your Formal Gown on Prom Night

Some people view attending the prom with the most popular guy in the entire school as the way to make yourself extremely popular and well known. If you are in attendance with the coolest, most attractive guy there, you need to look just as amazing to match up with him.

Finding the right kind of formal gown will save you the embarrassment of being teased by the other girls. Choosing the right formal gown will also keep you from being labeled as the number one fashion victim at this year’s prom. Prom pictures will appear in the yearbook which is looked at for years, generations even. You want this image of you in your formal gown to be stunning, not horrendous. The following are a couple tips to help you avoid fashion suicide.

Discover Details about the Hottest Fashion Trends

A hot date needs a hot formal gown to go hand in hand. The latest fashion trends will clue you in to what a hot formal gown looks like. Don’t let yourself be deserted on the road when it comes to this. Looking hot, sexy, and hip requires a formal gown that fits the time period. Something that worked for your mother in the 80’s will not be suitable. A dress that makes your legs look stunning will leave you the most gorgeous girl at the prom.

Look at local favorite fashion boutiques for the latest gowns. Take a peek at the online shops that sell up to date formal gowns for some ideas. Don’t go with the first thing that catches your eye, browse around a bit.

The Accessories will make or break the look

Your choice of accessories can either make an amazing dress look ten times more amazing or it can make it make that dress look like it’s worthless. The correct choice of accessories will assist you in looking stunning on prom night. Shoes are a good place to start for accessories. Then you can coordinate your other accessories with both your shoes and dress.

The shoes have to match the gown with both style and color as well. After the perfect shoes have been chosen your next step is to look into the amazing variety of jewelry available. Don’t go overboard with the jewelry though. You don’t need a ton of it or extremely expensive selections to complete your look. Costume jewelry will work just as well with your formal gown choice for the evening.

Wedding Dress Trends – Ball Gowns to Sleek Dresses – How to Choose

After a long wait, you have finally found the man of your dreams and the day is not far when you will be walking down the aisle on the road to eternal marriage bliss. No matter where or when you are getting married, it is imperative that you choose the right dress, one that actually mirrors your style.

Gone were the days when brides used to adhere to the traditional and steadfast rules for their wedding dresses, today wedding dresses are supposed to reflect the bride’s personality and vision. The single rule that applies to wedding dresses today is choosing something that suits you.

Whether your idea of a wedding dress is something fairy-like such as a ball gown or something sexy, you just need to make sure that it goes with the recent wedding dress trends and you are all set to go. After all, you do not want to be perceived as old fashioned or not keeping pace with times. While women fully realize the importance of looking beautiful always, on one’s wedding day, a bride can actually accentuate the charm and liven up the magic with the appropriate attire.

Bridal fashion today, more or less, looks up to mainstream fashion. So, if you are looking for something contemporary then the catwalks are where you need to turn to in order to leave your inspiration unbridled.

The million dollar question is how to choose a fashion-forward wedding ensemble that transforms a plain Jane into a dazzling diva inspiring awe. Some quick tips and tricks to help you choose an appropriate wedding dress complying with the latest trends are as follows:

Tempt With Tiered Skirts
A recent trend for wedding dresses is going for those multi-tiered skirts. Quite recently, it is believed that layers of fabric of organza and chiffon are what you need to get the limelight. These skirts are often coupled with satin bodice with intricate bead work and it is all you need to steal the show on your big day.

The Feminine Finesse
Feminine details are the little things that can make a big difference. Make sure your wedding ensemble is appropriately adorned with all those ribbons, flowers and ruffles that can bring out the beauty lurking within, taking femininity to new heights. Those who have always imagined themselves as sporting a vintage look should keep these embellishments in mind.

Cause a Stir with Ball Gowns
For women who have always appreciated the volume that a dress has to offer, ball gown is the choice. Ball gowns are meant to give the bride an ethereal look to sweep the guests and the groom off their feet. Ball gowns used today have a very soft layering and the bodices are meant to show off all those womanly curves. For those who want to achieve the perfect balance between style and sophistication, a ball gown will be ideal.

Stun With Sexy and Sleek Cuts
If you want to break away from the more usual and conventional wedding attires, the sleek and sexy style will be a just perfect for you. This style offers just about enough glamour to take breaths away. These wedding dresses are usually done in softer fabrics and are a big YES for the toned and shapely bodies.

Flaunt With Fish Tails
The dresses are aptly named as they have the shape of a fish and hug the contours of the bride’s body in just the right places. Fish tails are characterized by a fitted bodice with the dramatic flare at the bottom. For fuller figures or wide hips, fish tails a big NO.

In short, with so many options available, any bride can now incorporate her personal style into a wedding dress. Just makes sure you achieve a compromise between your sense of fashion and recent wedding dress trends. Whether it is a ball gown you fancy or a fish tail you desire, you can get everything to set the grounds on fire and your wedding, a day to remember.

The Ideal Choice for Formal Events – Long Evening Gowns

For formal events, such as weddings, social gatherings or cocktail parties, long evening gowns are always the most popular choices among women compared with other styles. Wearing this kind of dresses can greatly enhance a woman’s elegance and flatter her body figure. Carefully select the full length gown and make sure that it is perfectly tailored for your body.

To ensure that you pick up the right gown, you should spend some time choosing from various colors, styles, and designs. Generally speaking, single colored long evening gowns of simple designs are appropriate for solemn occasions while a gown in multicolor tones adorned with sparkling jewelry and embellishments is the perfect outfit for posh fashion events. When you have no idea what kind of gowns would be suitable for certain occasions, it will never go wrong to opt for black long evening dresses which can add timeless elegance and grace to your style and personality.

In terms of the styles or designs, you should make the choice based on your body type and personal style. If you are born with gorgeous collar bone and long neck, you can go for strapless or one-shoulder dresses to exhibit the beauty of your neck and collar bone. This season, the style of thigh high slits is quite popular in red carpet looks. This kind of design can help to present women’s sexy appeal in a proper way and boost their feminine glamour.

It is not done yet by just choosing the ideal long evening gown. You should also accessorize the fabulous piece with equally gorgeous fashion accessories including a delicate clutch, a pair of stunning high heels, dazzling jewelry as well as some other necessary accessories. It is always important to make sure that the shoes, clutch and jewelry all go well with your evening gown so that you can present the perfect flawless look.

At last, you may want to know where to buy these gorgeous evening dresses. In fact, there are many places that you can visit, such as shopping malls, fashion boutiques, vintage stores and online stores. You can easily find your ideal long evening dresses from these places.

Vegas Themed Wedding Favors

If you are looking for a fun and somewhat kitsch wedding theme then try a Vegas casino theme for your wedding. Even if you don’t want a wedding theme you could still use it to theme your wedding favors, so long as they coordinated with your wedding style.

Here are my top picks for Vegas style wedding favors for your wedding:

1. Chocolate Casino Chips – these really do look like the real thing! But are actually milk chocolate wrapped with foil and printed to mimic real casino chips.
2. Dice Favor Boxes – perfect for filling with chocolates or candies, these boxes look like dies and are also a nice addition to a black and white wedding scheme.
3. Personalized Poker Chips – many favor stores stock these which look like real chips but will be personalized with your names and wedding date, there is also a choice of colors available.
4. Dice Key Chain – made in clear acrylic these make stylish and somewhat different wedding favors. There is also a poker chip version.
5. Aces Coasters – these drinks coasters come in sets of four and feature the symbols for the four aces from a deck of cards. A stylish and useful favor idea.
6. Photograph Holders – these would make nice additions to your tables holding your name cards, your guests can then take them home afterwards.
7. Chocolate Dice – present these in a clear acrylic box so your guests can see what is inside. Available in a choice of colors to coordinate with your wedding.
8. Vegas Cookies – stick with the current trend for custom cookies for your wedding favors and have some made in the shape of playing cards, poker chips or a slot machine.
9. Dice Bottle Stopper – for a stylish elegant and useful favor these chrome bottle stoppers complete with dice topper are perfect.
10. Candy Dispenser Slot Machine – add some fun to your tables with mini slot machines which dispense candies. Your guests will love them and will certainly add to the party mood!
11. Fridge Magnets – check out the favor stores for some personalized, poker chip magnets which make great favors.
12. Custom Printed Packaging – there is a wide range of choice for packaging designs available from many favor stores. Look for printed chocolate bar wrappers, bags for coffee or tea and printed mint tins.

Stylish Soap Wedding & Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

If you’re on a budget but still want to give your wedding or bridal shower guests a trendy and stylish thank you gift without breaking your wallet, consider giving them a beautifully packaged soap favor. Soap favors are inexpensive, will add just the right amount of style to your tables and will be the perfect compliment to your guests’ bathrooms or powder rooms. Soaps come in a variety of colors, themes and packaging options to suit your taste splendidly.

For 2009, there are many soaps which have been marketed to suit the current themes and trends. We can recommend with certainty that these following favor ideas will impress even your pickiest guest on your list.

1) Damask Themed Soaps – Damask is a very popular trend this year. It reminds us of vintage wallpapers, baroque style and all things Parisian. It brings forth a certain upscale elegance to any event it touches. For damask inspired soap favors we would recommend “Sweetheart Heart Shaped Soap” or the “Hugs and Kisses from the Mr. & Mrs.” XO soaps. Both come in black and white damask patterns and are extremely pretty in hand.

2) Vines & Floral Patterns – Stylish vines, scrolls and hip floral patterns are all the rage – they can be seen on invitations to place cards and everything in between. The vine patterns became popular as letterpress invitations became trendy last year. For an elegant soap favor in this pattern, try the bestselling “For You” Scented Heart Shaped Soap in Silver and White floral box.

3) Love Birds Theme – Aww, look at the love birds! People may have called you that and it suits you two to a tee. Why not celebrate your love bird status with bird inspired soaps as your bridal shower favors? Whether you go with the adorable “Owl Always Love You” Soaps or the popular “Love Nest” Bird Egg Soaps, these will suit your theme marvelously.

4) Seasonal Soap Favors – If you’re having a spring wedding, celebrate it with tulip flower soaps in a pretty pot. If you’re getting married on the beach or are having a summer shower, why not use the “Ocean Breezes” Seashell Soaps? Fall and Autumn weddings -there are “Fall In Love” Leaf shaped soaps just for you! For winter events, there are even dazzling peppermint snowflake soaps to commemorate your day.

5) Eco-friendly Favors – While there are all natural soaps, you may cringe at the overuse of paper packaging which will only be tossed away. How about a favor which reflects your love of nature, such as all natural lavender filled sachets in ivory muslin? These will add a beautiful sent to your event. Your guests will also gain great use out of them by placing them in their bathrooms, dresser drawers or closets.

Couture Details For Your Wedding

One of the best ways to make your wedding more fabulous is to include beautiful couture details. These special touches do not need to be limited to the bride’s gown; there are all sorts of places that you can use them throughout your wedding. Read on for some tips on how to enhance your wedding with these exquisite couture elements.

Naturally for a couture inspired wedding, the bridal attire is the place to begin. Look for a gown that is well crafted, with unique or special details. These can include accents such as intricate embroidery, crisp pleating, hundreds of dainty pearl buttons, or origami-like folding. Whatever details or design elements make your gown stand out, replicate them throughout the rest of the wedding.

Invitations are a wonderful part of your wedding to decorate in a couture style. You will want to use a fine printing process, either engraving or letterpress, for the most elegant effect. One great effect would be to create a design that is inspired by a special piece of lace or an embroidered pattern. It can be printed in a soft color underneath your wedding information in a deeper tone.

The wedding cake is one of the most popular things to decorate with couture details. Brides love the idea of a cake that ties in with their wedding dresses. Select your favorite part about your gown, and ask your baker to design the cake around it. For instance, if your gown has rows of tiny bows down the train, your cake could have matching bows adorning the base of each layer. Perhaps your gown has spectacular pearl beadwork on the bodice; not only will you want to wear pearl bridal jewelry to coordinate, but your cake can as well. The pearl beadwork from the gown can be mimicked on the cake, or you can choose a fancy monogrammed cake topper that looks as ornate as a piece of bridal jewelry atop the cake.

Think about how you can bring couture details into the rest of your reception design. Let’s say that your gown has impressive rows of ruffles down one side. Why not carry that detail into your table linens, with unique ruffled tablecloths? You can also choose an impressive ruffled wrap for the handle of your bouquet. These little touches will add up to a very stylish wedding.

Not all of your couture accents must be drawn from your wedding gown. You can choose any design that has that fabulous high fashion feeling. Your centerpieces are one of the best parts of your wedding to try your hand at a stylish and impressive design. When you work with your florist, the words to use are “stylish, chic, trend-setting, and exclusive”. You want the kind of centerpieces that are destined to become a top pick on the Knot! Elements such as abundant flowers, Swarovski crystals, branches, feathers, and stunning vessels are the things that will help you to achieve the desired result.

With a bit of creativity, you can plan a wedding that is chic, elegant, and memorable. Special couture details will give your wedding a cohesive design, while also helping to set it apart from the pack. The end result will be nothing short of fabulous!

How to Make Jewelry From “Ordinary” Treasures

Almost every girl in town has a box of shiny buttons from Grandma’s sewing chest, colorful beads, dominoes, checkers, or mahjong pieces she got from flea markets. Maybe she has partial board games, such as checkers and scrabble, or old colorful playing cards tucked away somewhere.

Gather your treasures together and start making colorful jewelries. Buy long elastic where you can string the pieces together. Make colorful combinations of your treasure. Strap those buttons on a piece of elastic that you bought. You can create an eye-catching bangle bracelets or creative necklaces.

Glue dominoes, checkers, and scrabble pieces together to make earrings. Whatever your material is, mount your artwork into one-of-a-kind jewelry and reinvent.

In addition to having fun putting your treasures together, these are good ideas for gifts for friends and families. Imagine giving out your treasured “heirloom” materials to them. And what do you know? They might send you their extra buttons and collectibles.

Not only you can make these jewelries as gifts, but you can also sell these jewelries and start your very own home jewelry business. Build your inventory and start with a minimal investment for supplies. The season for selling jewelry is year-round because these can make wonderful birthday and Christmas gifts, as well as casual accessories.

In addition to that, men, women, and children can wear these buttons, dominoes, and checker pins and earrings, so the sky is the limit for profit. To learn how to start making money from handmade jewelries, watch out for the next article.

Seasonal Trends – Celebrity Jewelry Inspired by the Stars

When celebrities walk the red carpet they do it with style and flair, they do it with expensive dresses, expensive shoes, expensive hairstyles and most importantly expensive jewelry. At all the major fashion shows and awards ceremonies celebrities strut their stuff on the red carpet while hundreds of photographers snap shots of them. Interviewers create Smalltalk always asking of course what famous brand they are wearing. Many of the famous designers are spouted from the celebrity’s mouth. In all reality most people could never afford this style of luxury, or the price tag. With outfits ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands celebrities spare no expense dressing to the nine’s.

In all reality it is quite impossible for people to afford the thousand dollar dresses but there are alternatives and tricky methods to get the look of the stars without spending a fortune. New trends are constantly emerging and without a large bankroll or source to find jewelry you either have to get a third job or get left behind. One creative way to get a look at the stars is to use their inspired styles and purchase silver jewelry that looks just like the real thing. Celebrity jewelry experts can take the most famous pieces and then offer them to you. Whether it be beautiful diamond necklaces pear-shaped engagement rings or diamond tennis bracelets you can have access to all the styles by purchasing the alternative which is sterling silver a very high-quality metal that can last a lifetime. Jewelers can also use cubic zirconia stones which look just like the real thing but without the high-priced tag. By combining this sterling silver with CZ stones you can get a beautiful jewelry that doesn’t cost too much but will have all of your friends convinced you got a sugar daddy.

So if you have a subscription to “People” magazine or “US” magazine or any one of the hundreds of celebrity style magazines and you find that perfect celebrity jewelry that you can’t live without, jump online and explore to find hot celebrity inspired jewelry. Watch and see your friends won’t even know it’s not the super expensive original, but a piece made just for your budget. Who knows, women have been known to become that talk of their town for much lesser techniques!

Watch Your Time the LED Way!

A watch has become a fashion statement for many. It is very versatile as it can be used as an accessory, a luxury, or a status symbol. Today, a watch is no longer considered as a gadget which tells time, but has also graduated to become a piece of jewelry. There are LED watches, pocket watches, casual watches, jewelry watches, phone watches, and sport watches. The watches are made to cater to the requirements of different age groups.

LED watches can be aptly categorized as space-age alternatives to the traditional two-handed watches. The first LED watch was introduced in the market in 1970 and its popularity has grown since then. Like any other watch this too has different types of models available for the buyers to choose from. These are modern in style, technology, and look. They are available for men, women, and kids. They are reasonably priced and can be ordered online.

There are some very interesting LED watches available. The latest one comes with a touch screen. The present era is all about digitization, touch technology, and LED lighting. People want to invest in gadgets which incorporate all the three features. Therefore, this industry could not have lagged behind in this technological race. Hence, the new models of watches are soon adopting the new techniques to woo their customers.

The watches with LED display touch screens look very attractive. They are in line with the modern trends. If you happen to own one such, then you will definitely be considered as technical savvy. These has to be gently touched to display the time. The time can also be seen in the dark owing to the LED display. The display comes in various vibrant neon shades. Young buyers can opt for neon displays while adults can go to a normal LED display. These are of guaranteed quality.

Digital watches with binary format have also become very popular. They usually have a stainless steel case with leather, metal, or a silicone band. The bands are usually cool in design. You can choose a watch with a slim or wide band according to your preference. This type of watch suits people who love to wear funky watches. This watch usually has ten or more LED lights on its face. These lights have to be added to find out the time. The upper and lower rows of LEDs count the hours and minutes respectively. These are mostly water and shock resistant.

Croton Watches – Unique Options For Men and Women

It is rare to find a fashion accessory and a truly practical device existing in the same piece, but watches do just that. Gone are the days of boring watches that served only the purpose of keeping time. While a watch still provides the useful function of telling time, it can also be a fun and unique way to express yourself. When picking a watch there are several elements that you can mix and match to create a personalized piece.

Women’s Watches

Women’s watches come in several varieties, ranging from classy and formal to fun, funky and dressed down. When selecting your watch, there are several aspects beyond function to consider; watchband, color, and shape being three of the most important.

There is a large range of variability in the available watchbands for women, depending on the type of watch you prefer. A formal watch’s watchband may be a sleek silver band, or it may be completely concealed within a bracelet. Jewelry watches may have crystals on the band, or may have a fun pattern to add a little bit of edge to the fancy and formal watches. More dressed-down and informal watches have the option of fun color bands that may be interchangeable.

Another aspect of your watch that should be considered is the color, both of the band and the face of the watch itself. There are fun colors available, from bright pink, blue, purple or green to more traditional bands of silver, gold, and black. You may chose to have a rather subtle or normal color for either the band or face and a more exotic color for the other. For example you could have a traditional brushed metal watch face on a more fashion-forward band with pearl or crystal inlays.

Finally, a fun way to choose a unique watch is to find a slightly different shape or style. Instead of a normal band maybe you could pick one that pulls in toward the face and gives an almost bow-shape to the watch, or there are watchbands that are wider than traditional ones. The face itself can be different sizes, perhaps a smaller circle contained within a larger square and on a fun and quirky band. Even a subtle change in the style or shape of the watchband or watch face can make a boring traditional watch fun, interesting and unique.

Men’s Watches

While fashion and accessories are often considered a women’s forte, men can have fun with them as well. Men are no longer stuck with boring traditional watches that all look the same. Today’s men have almost as many options available to them as women when it comes to watches.

In terms of selecting a timepiece that is both unique and personal, many of the rules are the same for men as they are for women. Look at the band, the face and the color, and mix and match to find just the right watch for you. Unlike women, however, men’s watches tend to come in only two styles: sporty and dressy.

Like women’s watches, it may be possible to wear a dressier watch on a less dressy occasion by simply pairing it with a more casual outfit. Also like women’s watches it may be harder to make a sporty watch look fancy if it does not already have that fancy flare to it. Trying to dress up a watch with a multi-colored face or a skull pattern may not go over so well, so make sure you consider this when purchasing your watch.

Unlike with women’s watches there are far fewer options in terms of the actual shape of the watch face; most men’s watches stick to the classic circular face with a regular band. However men’s watches also tend to have more variety in their watch faces in that there are a variety of dials that may be included on a man’s watch. Some watches will have only your basic hour, minute and second hand, whereas some will also have 24-hour clocks and/or date dials included on the face of the watch. Be sure you understand what all the dials are for before purchasing a watch you cannot read!

Whether shopping for men’s or women’s watches, fancy or informal, there are several elements to consider. Just because you need a watch to tell the time does not mean you cannot have fun picking out your watch, nor does it mean you cannot use your watch to express a little bit of who you are. If you do not want to have a traditional watch, then buy one with a quirky band or an interesting watch face. Just because you want to know what time it is does not mean you have to give up your sense of style!