5 Points Before Buying A Jewelry Box

1. Choose Size & Shape

Are you looking for a box to store or showcase a whole collection, a jewelry box for specialty items like watches, earrings and bracelets but holds other jewelry also, a nice box to hold jewelry in general or one that has to have music. These are just examples of what to think about when shopping. Other aspects come into play such as space, décor, budget and personal taste in terms of color and style. The dimensions of jewelry boxes on the outside vary a great deal and the pictures on any website can make a box look larger or smaller than it actually is. We clearly list the dimensions for each item so please check the measurements to help you make the right choice.

2. Jewelry Boxes Linings

The best bet is to look for a suede-like lining that is has texture and is firmly attached throughout the interior of the case. Try to avoid slick or loose linings like silk as it’s not good for jewelry to slide around and is not tarnish protected material. Velvet is wears fast, leaves pressure marks and is hard to clean so keep that in mind. Most jewelry boxes now offer a faux suede or felt lining that keeps jewelry from tarnishing and also gives texture to help keep jewelry snug and protected.

3. Which Box and for Whom

The first thing needed is knowledge of the person who will be using the item. Girls tend to love traditional musical ballerina boxes, one that is colorful and decorated or has hand-painted designs. As there is limit selection for children, look for one with basic storage compartments lined and with an appearance that is pleasing. Look & music tend to be the deciding factors. If they love how it looks, then it’s the right one.

For women and men, the look and feel are both important factors, but finding to right box is a bit more difficult as how the interior is arranged and features made for the shape and style of jewelry now is a deciding factor.

4. Look, Feel & Space Layout

Look at the interior layout and features offered in each box. What to look for depends on the variety and type of jewelry you have means the box could include hooks or special drawers for necklaces, bracelets and watches, pockets, ring rolls, bracelet rolls, watch cushions, and even special pockets or pouches for storing certificates, paperwork or jewelry. All of these are features can make owning a jewelry box enjoyable and allow you to organized and all your jewelry protected and easy to access all at the same time.

5. Making Choices

Topping the list of important factors in selecting a jewelry box is the layout and type of compartments inside the box. Important for you because certain jewelry need special attention or organization to protect them from tangling, scratches and other damage and for easy access for you. This will help you determine which boxes to consider.

Some jewelry needs special storage, here is some helpful info:

Pendants: Look for a box that has hooks inside the lid or in a side door and preferably a pouch to hold the pendants secure.

Pearls: Pearls need extra consideration concerning storage. Individual pearls should not touch each other during storage as rubbing or bumping of the surface can cause pitting and possible chips. Never hang pearls as the silk string may become weak. Store flat and either alone or covered to separate from other jewelry.

Watches: Watches are best kept as if it’s being worn. This protects the shape and closures from damage.

Earrings: Earrings can easily be damages due to the sharp and rough posts and backings. They are best stored in pairs or a couple together to protect and make it easier to find matching pair.